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Am I Special?

by on June 30, 2013 under Business, Education

[singlepic id=107 w=300 h=168 float=left]Yes. You are special. Among seven Billion people inhabiting this Earth you are unique. Think about that for a moment: Seven thousand million people, and not one of them is the same as you are, not one of them has your unique combination of attributes. So complex are we. It is incredible.

Yes, you are unique, but you are also the same as everyone else. You have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. You have a heart. You have a brain. You need oxygen, water, and shelter. You have fears, you have hopes, you have inspiration.

Some of us focus on being special, and some of us focus on being the same. Some of us bring our ego into being special, and we develop a belief that we are ‘better than’. This is a severely limited place to be in. If you are ‘better than’ you actually cut yourself off from the rest of the world around you. There is only a false illusory power in being ‘better than’.

True power comes in seeing why you are the same. Seeing yourself as other and coming from that place can create a powerful connection to your fellow human beings. From that connection you can create anything. What do you want? Others want it. What are your concerns? Others share them. What are your dreams? Others have them as well. If you see similarity and come from compassion you can do something very powerful: You can serve people. There is no greater purpose than the service of others.

The depth and quality of your service will be determined by the extent to which you develop compassion for your customers. From that compassion you can then build up a differentiated service that makes you unique, but without the foundation of compassion for your fellow human, your service will not receive mutual appreciation.


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