Global Warming – The Third Great World Hoax

by on June 22, 2011 under Global Warming

[singlepic id=78 w=320 h=240 float=left]We are today being subjected to the biggest hoax the world has ever seen. The hoax of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The first great world hoax was Religion. The second great world hoax was Central Banks.

In all educated civilisations religion is dying. In the same way that religion has died, within this century and even within the next decade we will begin to see categorically that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax, but by then it will be too late. We will already be sending our hard earned and valuable dollars to the UN thanks to an ignorant old man named Tony Windsor who put his hand in the air at the wrong time, thinking he was being a morally responsible citizen.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is rubbish. It is absolutely ignorant of us humans to think that we can somehow throw off the balance of the earth. We live in a conservation of matter! The earth remains perfectly balanced at all times! More CO2 means more trees and better produce growth rates to address the food shortage. Fantastic! No, no, no, you evil people have to pay for it, you have to pay for the damage you have done. Silly you, thinking you have a right to live the full expression of life. Turn your tv off! Stop driving your car!

Global warming is a guilt trip. Earth hour is a guilt trip. Religion is a guilt trip. Guilty people try to buy their way out of guilt; hence the vast wealth of the catholic church. The carbon tax is fundamentally a religion-style guilt collection tray. I’m not interested in your guilt trip.

I have a series of questions that I am yet to see satisfactorily answered which illustrate my point. I know the likely answers to these questions but I will ask them for you to ponder. These questions form the basis for the justification of my statement:

  1. Who paid for Al Gore to travel the world sprouting his ‘convenient lies’ campaign? There is no way that he paid for himself out of the goodness of his little green heart. Who paid for it and what is their agenda?
  2. Where did the revenue for the movie sales go to? They alone could have built a wind farm. Why have we not heard about that?
  3. Why was it the highly influential and highly polished Al Gore that was sent on this crusade and not a representative member of the rumored scientific consensus? Surely a scientist could better deliver the cold hard scientific facts of global warming?
  4. Where is Al Gore now? Such a passionate global climate advocate should be all over the media or at least down here in Australia holding Julia Gillard’s hand while she tries to birth his rotten carbon tax egg.
  5. Why were Al Gore and the late CEO of the great Enron energy fraud, Ken Lay, close friends?
  6. Who formed the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and why?
  7. What were the criteria for being admitted into the IPCC? Were certain beliefs necessary?
  8. Since when did the IPCC become the only relevant ‘scientific’ body on climate change?
  9. Would a carbon tax and associated ongoing studies provide significant revenue to the ‘scientists’ of the IPCC?
  10. Why has the ongoing increase in thermal output of the sun been ignored? How many of us know about that?
  11. Why were over 4,500 out of 6,000 international NOAA temperature probes removed from service from rural and high latitude and altitude locations in 1990?
  12. Why are there remaining international NOAA temperature probes located in capital cities?
  13. Why is David De Rothschild a ‘Climate Change’ advocate?
  14. Why have global temperatures not risen in over 10 years despite the doctoring of data?
  15. Why has there recently been record snow falls in Washington and in London?
  16. Why do the media show images of plumes of STEAM coming out of stacks every time they’re talking about climate change? STEAM is not CO2!
  17. Why does Julia Gillard have to fly our unknown Kiwi neighbour over to sell the carbon tax?
  18. Why has Julia Gillard made Tim Flannery (an influential and undeservedly respected global warming advocate) the head of Australia’s independent Climate Change Commission?
  19. Is Tim Flannery paid to act as a neutral facilitator of healthy debate or is he paid to promote his view on the issue?
  20. Why are Tim and his merry band of men touring the country to “advance awareness of climate change issues in the community”? I thought in a ‘democracy’ the people ruled? Why do we need to be ‘educated’ by the Flannery gang? Why do we need to be told what is the ‘correct’ view?
  21. Why do people respect the “Critical Decade” climate change report produced by this group of paid puppets? The report is nothing more than a summary of the views that got them hired!
  22. Why has the debate moved directly into solving the problem and skipped over the definition of the problem? Could it be that the desired solution (a global carbon tax) has caused the definition of the problem?
  23. Why has the terminology been changed from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”?
  24. Do people realise that a tax on carbon is a tax on life itself? Do they realise that human beings are made of carbon? Will there be a carbon levy on babies next Julia?
  25. Why are banks like Deutsche Bank sponsoring the carbon tax movement? Are they suddenly global green crusaders or do they stand to gain from a trading scheme?
  26. Why would 10% of OUR Carbon Tax revenue go to the UN? Wouldn’t it be better spent on reducing our emissions? Why has this issue not yet been raised Julia?

And my favourite number: 27. If the UN is so concerned about global carbon emissions then why do they want money from the developed world to help turn the third world into a carbon polluter? Lifting living standards in the third world will result in carbon emissions. Why not leave them to their low carbon lifestyle?

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