Smokers Have Already Quit

by on December 30, 2011 under Education, Health

Smokers Have Already Quit ShirtWhy would you persist with activity like smoking cigarettes in the face of mountainous evidence that smoking kills? Well, lets take a look at it.

Human beings are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Pleasure is perceived as something that supports our values and pain is perceived as something that challenges our values. Pleasure is provided by perceived benefits, and pain is experienced with perceived drawbacks.

For a person to conduct any activity they need to be motivated to do so. That motivation comes from a perceived imbalance in the ratio of benefits to drawbacks expected from conducting the activity. If you expect more benefits than drawbacks you will do it, if you expect more drawbacks than benefits, you won’t do it. Common sense, right?

Well for a smoker to continue to smoke, they must perceive more benefits than drawbacks in smoking. Lets look at some of the common benefits reported by smokers:

  • It relaxes me
  • “Its a social activity”
  • “Smoking helps me think”
  • “It gives me a break”

So for a smoker to continue smoking, they prefer these benefits, over the all-to-well advertised drawbacks. What I notice about these benefits though, is that they are all immediate, and short lived. As we know the ultimate drawback of death, is long term.

So smokers are trading off these short term benefits, ultimately for their life. This is why regular smokers have already quit. They have given up on the idea of a long, healthy and vibrant life, and sometimes you can see it in their body language, their actions, and their attitudes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying smoking is bad. I’m saying that at the most fundamental level, regular smokers have given up on life. This is a choice smokers’ have made, either consciously or unconsciously, and that is fine. People are entitled to their choices. Yes smokers burden the medical system and therefore all of us through medicare, but hey, they also stimulate the economy and pay ridiculously high taxes that relieve the pressure on our income taxes. The truth is that the benefits and drawbacks for all of us are balanced.

My values are on life, health, and vitality, so personally, smoking challenges me. I would be happy if smoking in public was banned entirely. The smell is unpleasant and I feel my lungs choking up even when I smell cigarettes at a distance. This is my body’s natural defence mechanisms responding to avoid the toxins in cigarettes. I am ok with you smoking, but do it in private. It is not my desire to share your passive smoke and your ultimate fate.

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  • Rebecca Pithers

    Hi Chad, I will be forwarding this article on to many.

    Thank you

    • Olesya

      go buy an electronic citaretge. life will be good again you can keep the habit and loose the death. i quit smoking citaretges but i vape my ass off. it wont kill me or even hurt me

  • Paul-Anthony Hartnett


    I have just read your article on smokers and smoking, and feel compelled to share my present experience of your words with you. I feel heard. I feel supported. I feel like I am not alone. And I feel a great respect from you to ‘people’. I feel a great respect from you to the power of choice and personal responsibility.

    It was a stimulating read. You and I stand equal in our experience of smokers and smoking. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts so eloquently, I will share this with others and hope you don’t mind.


    • Chad Elliott

      Dear PA,

      Thankyou so much for your wonderful feedback. I pour my heart and soul into these articles and I really appreciate your insightful response.

      I would love for you to share my article. Take care and best wishes spreading the message of health.


      • Oscar

        this shows what not everyone fully relizaes. they don’t understand the damage caused on the inside, maybe this will open their eyes. It eats away at you, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. What people don’t know kills them faster than what they do know. Smoking does become a physical addiction so I’m glad for those that were smart enough to never start. time to be strong enough to quit!

  • Ashraf

    they should put this on tv, ppl would be able to see what it does if they have more ads like these and take off jeersy shore. ppl dont get the chance to see what it does til they see the papers that tell them they have cancer so come on we got to show the kids of the world wat this shit does, stick to the green nuthin in between

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