2013 Ford Escape Factory Speaker Replacement – Drivers Door

Hi there, if you have a 2013 Ford Escape with standard Factory Speakers you may be experiencing technical difficulties, quality deprivation, or both. You have come to the right place. I recently replaced my 2013 Ford Escape Factory Speakers with Rockford Fosgate Power T165′s and I now enjoy listening to music again. This is how it was done…

STEP 1 – Remove Door Trim Panel

STEP 2 – Remove 2013 Ford Escape Factory Speaker and Replace

Note: The rear speakers will also have tweeter power feed wires returning from the inside two ports on the plug. Make sure you connect these into the circuit or you will have no power to your tweeters in the back seat.

STEP 3 – Reinstate Door Trim Panel


I hope that helps you get some sound quality into your 2013 Ford Escape. The Factory 6.5″ round mid-bass speakers really are horrible, although they do produce a reasonable bass level. The Rockford Fosgate T165 does not produce the same bass, but the clarity and sound reproduction is excellent. The total cost was around $175 including all 4 speakers and materials. Brilliant value for the results.

If you intend to stop at replacing the Factory 6.5″ rounds then I would try to find the biggest and baddest amplified 2/3-way speakers that will fit in there, although as you can see above, there is not a lot of room without modifying the door skin.

My strategy was to develop solid quality mids and highs using the existing tweeters and the 2-way T165′s – then bring the bass up with a sub. I have ordered a basic setup that should do the job for my relatively modest needs – the all in one Rockford Fosgate P300-12. I must admit i’m a little nervous about it – we’ll see if it is up to the task…

November 30, 2013 Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Review

Well first of all let me say that I am pleasantly surprised by the Rockford Fosgate P300-12. This really is a fantastic value product to get some quality bass happening in your ride. Go ahead and buy it.

I actually ordered this on a deal with an 8 guage install kit included. That gives it all the power it needs. The install took me a full day but an experienced installer could knock this out in 3 hrs no sweat. One trick on the speaker signal, don’t go for a left or right speaker, when the mix sends the bass left or right, your sub will follow, and that sounds ugly. You want a direct sub output or central speaker not subject to balance. The length of the signal leads is no problem as long as you run it away from the power cables.

The sub takes a few weeks to wear-in so I recommend running it at no more than 30% (remote level) during that time. You can hear when it switches from accurate bass reproduction to just woofing without care for quality. Keep it under that point during wear-in and it will improve with time like a good wine.

In terms of setup, the ‘bass boost’ and ‘gain’ features don’t do anything for me. They are basically redundant for my install and using them impacts accurate bass reproduction. The included remote gives me all the gain I need and I never need or want to run it above 45%. The crossover runs from 50Hz to 200Hz and is a handy feature. I have mine set around 65Hz and that suits me.

The sealed enclosure is perfect and well tuned to work with the unit. Ports are for people who want to push air and pop windows. I want quality, tight reproduction and low frequency response, and that’s what you get with well tuned sealed units like the P300-12.

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