Do you want complete clarity around your residential property purchases?

I developed this workbook to help me decide if it was a good idea to buy a residential property. As a result of using this tool I made that decision with complete understanding and complete financial certainty. I knew exactly what the property would cost and exactly were I would be after each year of ownership. As a result of achieving that clarity I earned 16% capital growth within the first year of ownership. I attribute that growth to four factors:

1.       Forward planning
2.       Purchasing at the right price
3.       Efficient renovating
4.       Having the certainty and clarity to make smart and effective decisions on all these points.

This workbook is all about delivering the certainty to make good decisions.

The Property Evaluation Workbook contains the following worksheets:
1.       Welcome and instructions
2.       Affordability Calculator
3.       30 Year equity and cashflow forecast
4.       30 Year equity profile chart
5.       30 Year annual cashflow chart
6.       Historical performance calculator (capital growth and rental growth)
7.       Comparable sales log

The Affordability Calculator includes the following factors:

1.       Income (rental from up to 6 apartments)
2.       Ongoing expenses
3.       Up front purchasing costs
4.       Ongoing finance costs (including vendor finance)
5.       Cashflow analysis

The 30 Year equity and cashflow forecast includes the following information for IO and P&I loans:
1.       Time effects: CPI, historical capital growth rate, and rental growth rate
2.       Equity growth
3.       Ongoing interest rate (cater for fluctuating interest rates)
4.       Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and ongoing LVR
5.       Available equity up to the maximum LVR (see when you can afford the next property)
6.       Draw equity out at any time, loan repayments are automatically recalculated
7.       Make additional repayments at any time, see how much sooner you can pay off the loan
8.       Live in the property for a time then rent it out (or vice versa)
9.       Ongoing cashflow position considering all the above factors, see when the property becomes cashflow positive

Key Benefits of this Property Evaluation Tool

Principle and Interest and Interest Only Loans – Most online property calculators are for investors only, and therefore assume interest only loans. This workbook considers owner occupiers and investors alike and enables you to compare and contrast the long term benefits and drawbacks of IO and P&I so you can make an informed finance decision.

Vendor finance (advanced strategies) – an increasingly common strategy is that of vendor finance; whereby the vendor leaves some money in the deal in exchange for an interest return. In cases where you are low on deposit funds this strategy can save you Lenders Mortgage Insurance and can sometimes save you talking to the bank altogether.

Lease OUT or live IN – This workbook caters for owner occupiers, investors, and owner occupiers who plan to become investors in the future. I recognise that many people start out with their own home them move on to an investment property. This workbook enables you to live in or rent out the property for any number of years and calculates results automatically.

Make additional repayments – most loans these days enable you to make additional repayments without penalty, so naturally the spreadsheet caters for that. Simply put in the monthly amount you plan to contribute for that year and immediately see how much sooner you can own the property.

Draw equity any time – most loans these days enable you to redraw and or refinance without penalty, so the spreadsheet also caters for that. Buy another property, take a holiday, buy a car, the workbook will recalculate everything and show you the exact impact of these decisions so you can have important future knowledge in your hands today.

Tips and helpful hints – throughout the sheet I have added comments that become visible when you hover the mouse over cells with a red flag in the corner. These offer additional explanation of the line item and will give you hints and tips on how to get the most out of the spreadsheet and your investment decision. I have crammed loads of value into this workbook!

Formatted to print – Nothing annoys me more than people who develop spreadsheets for the computer screen only. This has been developed to print easily every time. No wasted pages here, just click print and out it will come, correctly formatted and laid out every time.

“Use printouts to impress the bank and get your loan approved faster!”

Included in your purchase:
1. My Property Evaluation Workbook as described here
2. All future updates
3. My email address so that you can ask reasonable support questions
4. A full 30 day money back guarantee!

This Property Evaluation Workbook is NOT:
1. An accounting record for tracking income and expenses for tax purposes
2. A shortcut for proper real estate purchasing due diligence
3. A guarantee that you will make money in real estate

Purchase the Property Evaluation Workbook for only $29.95. All payments are processed by PayPal.

“If after a full 30 days of using my
Property Evaluation Workbook you
are not completely satisfied that this
was a value for money purchase,
simply contact me providing feedback
as to how I can improve the product
and I will refund your purchase price
in full.” – Chad Elliott

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