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by on September 13, 2010 under John Demartini

[singlepic id=58 w=240 h=320 mode=watermark float=left]I have personally been privileged to study under and work with Dr. John Demartini on many occasions. Having first seen John in ‘The Secret’ I quickly realised that he was coming from a far deeper understanding than any other teacher and enrolled in ‘The Breakthrough Experience’ in October 2007. I refer to my life since that point as A.D. (After Demartini) and i’m sure you will too.

It is the essential synthesis of John’s entire life’s work. The study of centuries of wisdom from over 29,000 texts and decades of experiential refinement have left him holding the most powerful transformational tool available today: The Demartini Method®. The Breakthrough Experience is the personal result of applying that tool to perceived challenges in your life.

John Demartini spends two life transforming days offering you the fundamental truth of life itself. Your prior illusions of life will be alleviated and your mind will be expanded to encompass greater spheres of awareness and greater time and space horizons. Once this happens your mind can never go back and so you will never be quite the same person again. You will live in a new, more highly evolved paradigm. I know you are ready for that responsibility.

You won’t learn the latest stock market or real estate get rich strategy from Dr. John Demartini. He is way beyond that. John will teach you to find the gold mine within your own being, leading to a life of true fulfillment. Only when you find that will you manifest outer wealth. You already have within you everything you need to achieve your dreams. Your dreams could not be without the corresponding ability to achieve them. That is the truth.

Fear, guilt, shame, grief, and regret are all false perceptions based on a false cultural control mechanism called religion. The truth is there is no universal judgment but what we ourselves impart. Such realisations are part of The Breakthrough Experience which will lift the veil of illusions from your life, allowing you to freely express your most authentic self.

You are in exactly the right place right now. The fact that you found this article is no mistake. Follow your intuition and experience life After Demartini.


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