Cancer: Disease or Symptom?

by on June 11, 2016 under Health

Before we begin here, have you ever asked yourself this question? We are told repeatedly by ‘medicine’ and the media that cancer is a ‘disease’, and we are led to believe that the causes are mysterious and somewhat out of our control.

Why is this question important? Well if cancer is a disease in itself, that in some way substantiates the current status quo, however if it is a symptom, well that means that modern ‘medicine’ has entirely missed the point, i.e. we are treating the symptom, not the disease.

Could modern ‘medicine’ be wrong? No they’re not wrong, they’re a business. From a big picture viewpoint, procedures and ‘treatments’ equate to revenue. Is it therefore in their interest to prevent you from manifesting cancer in your body from a ‘health’ system standpoint?

What do we know about cancer? Well we know that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. We know that there are lists of known carcinogens, or cancer causing chemicals (many found in cigarettes). We know that radiation, particularly UV radiation can cause cancer to manifest in our skin. Does one cigarette cause cancer? No. Does one instance of sunburn cause cancer? No. An accumulation in the body over time typically leads to cancer.

So in effect, these carcinogens create an environment in which cancer cells can manifest in the body. Isn’t it therefore obvious that cancer is a symptom of a carcinogenic environment? Take away the carcinogens, the environmental conditions, and cancer cannot develop. Today we ‘treat’ the cancer itself, the symptom, however the real cause, or the disease, is the cancerous environment causing cells to mutate.

This is why current cancer ‘treatments’ such as chemotherapy are so ineffective. Sure you can destroy cancerous cells, but if you do nothing to improve the health of the environment the cells will return. So the treatment is ineffective, however the medical system still gets paid for ‘treating’ you.

Its no wonder then, that we still focus on fighting the symptoms in modern ‘medicine’. You can never win against a symptom, but you can unfortunately go broke and die trying.

As an aside, the list of known carcinogens is limited by the rate at which known exposure translates into cancer as studied and documented. We have only just begun to scratch the surface in regard to the known carcinogens. It is therefore wise to limit your exposure to all forms of chemicals, and if you do develop cancer, you must address the environment you have created in your body in order to truly heal. CE


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Smokers Have Already Quit

by on December 30, 2011 under Education, Health

Smokers Have Already Quit ShirtWhy would you persist with activity like smoking cigarettes in the face of mountainous evidence that smoking kills? Well, lets take a look at it.

Human beings are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Pleasure is perceived as something that supports our values and pain is perceived as something that challenges our values. Pleasure is provided by perceived benefits, and pain is experienced with perceived drawbacks.

For a person to conduct any activity they need to be motivated to do so. That motivation comes from a perceived imbalance in the ratio of benefits to drawbacks expected from conducting the activity. If you expect more benefits than drawbacks you will do it, if you expect more drawbacks than benefits, you won’t do it. Common sense, right?

Well for a smoker to continue to smoke, they must perceive more benefits than drawbacks in smoking. Lets look at some of the common benefits reported by smokers:

  • It relaxes me
  • “Its a social activity”
  • “Smoking helps me think”
  • “It gives me a break”

So for a smoker to continue smoking, they prefer these benefits, over the all-to-well advertised drawbacks. What I notice about these benefits though, is that they are all immediate, and short lived. As we know the ultimate drawback of death, is long term.

So smokers are trading off these short term benefits, ultimately for their life. This is why regular smokers have already quit. They have given up on the idea of a long, healthy and vibrant life, and sometimes you can see it in their body language, their actions, and their attitudes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying smoking is bad. I’m saying that at the most fundamental level, regular smokers have given up on life. This is a choice smokers’ have made, either consciously or unconsciously, and that is fine. People are entitled to their choices. Yes smokers burden the medical system and therefore all of us through medicare, but hey, they also stimulate the economy and pay ridiculously high taxes that relieve the pressure on our income taxes. The truth is that the benefits and drawbacks for all of us are balanced.

My values are on life, health, and vitality, so personally, smoking challenges me. I would be happy if smoking in public was banned entirely. The smell is unpleasant and I feel my lungs choking up even when I smell cigarettes at a distance. This is my body’s natural defence mechanisms responding to avoid the toxins in cigarettes. I am ok with you smoking, but do it in private. It is not my desire to share your passive smoke and your ultimate fate.

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Vaccines Have Killed Children

by on February 2, 2011 under Health

[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=left]If you are looking for a new scientific study or records that show that vaccines have killed children then i’m afraid you will not find it here. You wont find it anywhere actually, unless you search VERY thoroughly. You won’t see any scientific study, but chances are that one day, you or someone you love will lose a child soon after receiving a vaccine.

They’ll call it SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which essentially means “we have a fancy name to disguise the fact that we have no clue what happened, or we don’t want to know the truth of what happened”. Read it again, the label SIDS is entirely vague and ignorant. Are our wonderful doctors really this ignorant?

Today vaccines are a business: plain and simple. An entire multi-billion dollar industry depends on selling vaccines the same way that Coca-Cola’s survival depends on selling its products. The marketing of vaccines is more covert though, and it has to be. Coke at least tastes acceptable to many people.

Vaccines are sold by two main marketing ploys: medical authority, and peer pressure. We are told that ‘medical research proves that vaccines save lives’. Sure, medical research that has been sponsored by vaccine profiteers and focuses on the ‘benefits’, ignoring the risks or ‘side effects’. ‘The polio vaccine eradicated polio!’ Rubbish. Improved living standards eradicated polio. If you don’t yet understand that researchers can find whatever you pay them to find then you have some learning to do about the reality of life and big business. The studies are simply not looking for answers that serve humanity.

The peer pressure aspect of vaccination marketing ties in perfectly with the medical authority aspect. If you, heaven forbid, decide to question vaccination you have a whole raft of peers from friends, to teachers, to nurses, to doctors who will cite medical authority in convincing you to tow the line. Don’t forget that ‘my friend is a nurse and she says…’ yes but your friend the nurse has been indoctrinated by the medical system for years and has never genuinely researched both sides of the issue and formed and independent opinion.

As a critical thinker, if you reject vaccinations you are made to feel like a social terrorist who is defiantly endangering the lives of all humankind by creating a ticking time bomb of a child. ‘Do you want your child to be the one that spread the deadly virus through the whole school?’

Parents, consciously or unconsciously, feel that pressure, and they yield to it. These days in our ‘great Democracy’ you can’t access benefits or school itself without proof of vaccination. I’m sorry but that is not Democracy. That is a monopoly.

Babies are born perfect. Why then do we treat perfect newborn babies like last years new computers? ‘Ok we need to upgrade this evolutionary operating system with antivirus MMR 2.0 and Polio 3.1 and H1N1 and…oh no the system crashed! It must have been SIDS. Never mind the cause.

People have forgotten the art of feeling, knowing and intuition opting instead to submit to medical authority, and medicine is primarily a profit industry focused on disease.

Lucky children survive DESPITE vaccinations, not because of them.

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