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Cancer: Disease or Symptom?

by on June 11, 2016 under Health

Before we begin here, have you ever asked yourself this question? We are told repeatedly by ‘medicine’ and the media that cancer is a ‘disease’, and we are led to believe that the causes are mysterious and somewhat out of our control.

Why is this question important? Well if cancer is a disease in itself, that in some way substantiates the current status quo, however if it is a symptom, well that means that modern ‘medicine’ has entirely missed the point, i.e. we are treating the symptom, not the disease.

Could modern ‘medicine’ be wrong? No they’re not wrong, they’re a business. From a big picture viewpoint, procedures and ‘treatments’ equate to revenue. Is it therefore in their interest to prevent you from manifesting cancer in your body from a ‘health’ system standpoint?

What do we know about cancer? Well we know that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. We know that there are lists of known carcinogens, or cancer causing chemicals (many found in cigarettes). We know that radiation, particularly UV radiation can cause cancer to manifest in our skin. Does one cigarette cause cancer? No. Does one instance of sunburn cause cancer? No. An accumulation in the body over time typically leads to cancer.

So in effect, these carcinogens create an environment in which cancer cells can manifest in the body. Isn’t it therefore obvious that cancer is a symptom of a carcinogenic environment? Take away the carcinogens, the environmental conditions, and cancer cannot develop. Today we ‘treat’ the cancer itself, the symptom, however the real cause, or the disease, is the cancerous environment causing cells to mutate.

This is why current cancer ‘treatments’ such as chemotherapy are so ineffective. Sure you can destroy cancerous cells, but if you do nothing to improve the health of the environment the cells will return. So the treatment is ineffective, however the medical system still gets paid for ‘treating’ you.

Its no wonder then, that we still focus on fighting the symptoms in modern ‘medicine’. You can never win against a symptom, but you can unfortunately go broke and die trying.

As an aside, the list of known carcinogens is limited by the rate at which known exposure translates into cancer as studied and documented. We have only just begun to scratch the surface in regard to the known carcinogens. It is therefore wise to limit your exposure to all forms of chemicals, and if you do develop cancer, you must address the environment you have created in your body in order to truly heal. CE


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Am I Special?

by on June 30, 2013 under Business, Education

[singlepic id=107 w=300 h=168 float=left]Yes. You are special. Among seven Billion people inhabiting this Earth you are unique. Think about that for a moment: Seven thousand million people, and not one of them is the same as you are, not one of them has your unique combination of attributes. So complex are we. It is incredible.

Yes, you are unique, but you are also the same as everyone else. You have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. You have a heart. You have a brain. You need oxygen, water, and shelter. You have fears, you have hopes, you have inspiration.

Some of us focus on being special, and some of us focus on being the same. Some of us bring our ego into being special, and we develop a belief that we are ‘better than’. This is a severely limited place to be in. If you are ‘better than’ you actually cut yourself off from the rest of the world around you. There is only a false illusory power in being ‘better than’.

True power comes in seeing why you are the same. Seeing yourself as other and coming from that place can create a powerful connection to your fellow human beings. From that connection you can create anything. What do you want? Others want it. What are your concerns? Others share them. What are your dreams? Others have them as well. If you see similarity and come from compassion you can do something very powerful: You can serve people. There is no greater purpose than the service of others.

The depth and quality of your service will be determined by the extent to which you develop compassion for your customers. From that compassion you can then build up a differentiated service that makes you unique, but without the foundation of compassion for your fellow human, your service will not receive mutual appreciation.


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Smokers Have Already Quit

by on December 30, 2011 under Education, Health

Smokers Have Already Quit ShirtWhy would you persist with activity like smoking cigarettes in the face of mountainous evidence that smoking kills? Well, lets take a look at it.

Human beings are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Pleasure is perceived as something that supports our values and pain is perceived as something that challenges our values. Pleasure is provided by perceived benefits, and pain is experienced with perceived drawbacks.

For a person to conduct any activity they need to be motivated to do so. That motivation comes from a perceived imbalance in the ratio of benefits to drawbacks expected from conducting the activity. If you expect more benefits than drawbacks you will do it, if you expect more drawbacks than benefits, you won’t do it. Common sense, right?

Well for a smoker to continue to smoke, they must perceive more benefits than drawbacks in smoking. Lets look at some of the common benefits reported by smokers:

  • It relaxes me
  • “Its a social activity”
  • “Smoking helps me think”
  • “It gives me a break”

So for a smoker to continue smoking, they prefer these benefits, over the all-to-well advertised drawbacks. What I notice about these benefits though, is that they are all immediate, and short lived. As we know the ultimate drawback of death, is long term.

So smokers are trading off these short term benefits, ultimately for their life. This is why regular smokers have already quit. They have given up on the idea of a long, healthy and vibrant life, and sometimes you can see it in their body language, their actions, and their attitudes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying smoking is bad. I’m saying that at the most fundamental level, regular smokers have given up on life. This is a choice smokers’ have made, either consciously or unconsciously, and that is fine. People are entitled to their choices. Yes smokers burden the medical system and therefore all of us through medicare, but hey, they also stimulate the economy and pay ridiculously high taxes that relieve the pressure on our income taxes. The truth is that the benefits and drawbacks for all of us are balanced.

My values are on life, health, and vitality, so personally, smoking challenges me. I would be happy if smoking in public was banned entirely. The smell is unpleasant and I feel my lungs choking up even when I smell cigarettes at a distance. This is my body’s natural defence mechanisms responding to avoid the toxins in cigarettes. I am ok with you smoking, but do it in private. It is not my desire to share your passive smoke and your ultimate fate.

Order the SHAQ T-SHirt here.

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What is Karma?

by on November 13, 2011 under Education

[singlepic id=96 w=280 h=210 float=left]We all say it, we all think it. When something ‘bad’ happens to someone, we say: “it was Karma”. We know it was Karma, but do we really understand what Karma is, and why it is?

Karma is the universe acting to bring balance into your life and your perceptions.

Life is a process of evolution to ever higher states of consciousness. You cannot progress to a higher level of consciousness until you have learned to see your current situation in a state of balance and love. Only then are you ready for the next growth step. The universe is an amazing thing; it constantly and ever presently provides us feedback to let us know where we are unbalanced in our perspective, to help us bring balance and love to the situation, so that we may evolve to the next level of consciousness and contribute more meaningfully to the wider evolution of the planet.

The majority of people live in ignorance of this process. The universe maintains balance.

If you look very carefully you can see that in times when you are elated, you will be humbled, and in times when you are depressed, you will be supported. You stand up on a chair being a clown, getting elated, then the chair breaks, humbling you back into balance. That is an obvious example of Karma in action.

One thing we have to realise about Karma, is that it is about our perception of our actions as measured against our true self worth. Your true self worth is your balance point. Your fulcrum. The universe will continually bring you back to your true self worth, drawing attention to it, because real evolution occurs when you improve your self worth. That is the goal of the universe acting in your life through what we call Karma.

Your Karma is created by the void between your perception of your own actions and your true self worth. Nothing else. The void creates the attraction; Nature abhors a vaccuum. If your perception of your actions is above your self worth, your Karma will bring you down into balance, if your perception of your actions is below your self worth, yor Karma will lift you up into balance with your self worth.

The key to attracting and manifesting ‘good Karma’ is to elevate your self worth and be humble about your actions so your Karma is always lifting you up. If you can do this you are aligning yourself with the universe and the universe will support you through everything you do.

Take care, CE.

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Global Warming – The Third Great World Hoax

by on June 22, 2011 under Global Warming

[singlepic id=78 w=320 h=240 float=left]We are today being subjected to the biggest hoax the world has ever seen. The hoax of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The first great world hoax was Religion. The second great world hoax was Central Banks.

In all educated civilisations religion is dying. In the same way that religion has died, within this century and even within the next decade we will begin to see categorically that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax, but by then it will be too late. We will already be sending our hard earned and valuable dollars to the UN thanks to an ignorant old man named Tony Windsor who put his hand in the air at the wrong time, thinking he was being a morally responsible citizen.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is rubbish. It is absolutely ignorant of us humans to think that we can somehow throw off the balance of the earth. We live in a conservation of matter! The earth remains perfectly balanced at all times! More CO2 means more trees and better produce growth rates to address the food shortage. Fantastic! No, no, no, you evil people have to pay for it, you have to pay for the damage you have done. Silly you, thinking you have a right to live the full expression of life. Turn your tv off! Stop driving your car!

Global warming is a guilt trip. Earth hour is a guilt trip. Religion is a guilt trip. Guilty people try to buy their way out of guilt; hence the vast wealth of the catholic church. The carbon tax is fundamentally a religion-style guilt collection tray. I’m not interested in your guilt trip.

I have a series of questions that I am yet to see satisfactorily answered which illustrate my point. I know the likely answers to these questions but I will ask them for you to ponder. These questions form the basis for the justification of my statement:

  1. Who paid for Al Gore to travel the world sprouting his ‘convenient lies’ campaign? There is no way that he paid for himself out of the goodness of his little green heart. Who paid for it and what is their agenda?
  2. Where did the revenue for the movie sales go to? They alone could have built a wind farm. Why have we not heard about that?
  3. Why was it the highly influential and highly polished Al Gore that was sent on this crusade and not a representative member of the rumored scientific consensus? Surely a scientist could better deliver the cold hard scientific facts of global warming?
  4. Where is Al Gore now? Such a passionate global climate advocate should be all over the media or at least down here in Australia holding Julia Gillard’s hand while she tries to birth his rotten carbon tax egg.
  5. Why were Al Gore and the late CEO of the great Enron energy fraud, Ken Lay, close friends?
  6. Who formed the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and why?
  7. What were the criteria for being admitted into the IPCC? Were certain beliefs necessary?
  8. Since when did the IPCC become the only relevant ‘scientific’ body on climate change?
  9. Would a carbon tax and associated ongoing studies provide significant revenue to the ‘scientists’ of the IPCC?
  10. Why has the ongoing increase in thermal output of the sun been ignored? How many of us know about that?
  11. Why were over 4,500 out of 6,000 international NOAA temperature probes removed from service from rural and high latitude and altitude locations in 1990?
  12. Why are there remaining international NOAA temperature probes located in capital cities?
  13. Why is David De Rothschild a ‘Climate Change’ advocate?
  14. Why have global temperatures not risen in over 10 years despite the doctoring of data?
  15. Why has there recently been record snow falls in Washington and in London?
  16. Why do the media show images of plumes of STEAM coming out of stacks every time they’re talking about climate change? STEAM is not CO2!
  17. Why does Julia Gillard have to fly our unknown Kiwi neighbour over to sell the carbon tax?
  18. Why has Julia Gillard made Tim Flannery (an influential and undeservedly respected global warming advocate) the head of Australia’s independent Climate Change Commission?
  19. Is Tim Flannery paid to act as a neutral facilitator of healthy debate or is he paid to promote his view on the issue?
  20. Why are Tim and his merry band of men touring the country to “advance awareness of climate change issues in the community”? I thought in a ‘democracy’ the people ruled? Why do we need to be ‘educated’ by the Flannery gang? Why do we need to be told what is the ‘correct’ view?
  21. Why do people respect the “Critical Decade” climate change report produced by this group of paid puppets? The report is nothing more than a summary of the views that got them hired!
  22. Why has the debate moved directly into solving the problem and skipped over the definition of the problem? Could it be that the desired solution (a global carbon tax) has caused the definition of the problem?
  23. Why has the terminology been changed from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”?
  24. Do people realise that a tax on carbon is a tax on life itself? Do they realise that human beings are made of carbon? Will there be a carbon levy on babies next Julia?
  25. Why are banks like Deutsche Bank sponsoring the carbon tax movement? Are they suddenly global green crusaders or do they stand to gain from a trading scheme?
  26. Why would 10% of OUR Carbon Tax revenue go to the UN? Wouldn’t it be better spent on reducing our emissions? Why has this issue not yet been raised Julia?

And my favourite number: 27. If the UN is so concerned about global carbon emissions then why do they want money from the developed world to help turn the third world into a carbon polluter? Lifting living standards in the third world will result in carbon emissions. Why not leave them to their low carbon lifestyle?

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Vaccines Have Killed Children

by on February 2, 2011 under Health

[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=left]If you are looking for a new scientific study or records that show that vaccines have killed children then i’m afraid you will not find it here. You wont find it anywhere actually, unless you search VERY thoroughly. You won’t see any scientific study, but chances are that one day, you or someone you love will lose a child soon after receiving a vaccine.

They’ll call it SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which essentially means “we have a fancy name to disguise the fact that we have no clue what happened, or we don’t want to know the truth of what happened”. Read it again, the label SIDS is entirely vague and ignorant. Are our wonderful doctors really this ignorant?

Today vaccines are a business: plain and simple. An entire multi-billion dollar industry depends on selling vaccines the same way that Coca-Cola’s survival depends on selling its products. The marketing of vaccines is more covert though, and it has to be. Coke at least tastes acceptable to many people.

Vaccines are sold by two main marketing ploys: medical authority, and peer pressure. We are told that ‘medical research proves that vaccines save lives’. Sure, medical research that has been sponsored by vaccine profiteers and focuses on the ‘benefits’, ignoring the risks or ‘side effects’. ‘The polio vaccine eradicated polio!’ Rubbish. Improved living standards eradicated polio. If you don’t yet understand that researchers can find whatever you pay them to find then you have some learning to do about the reality of life and big business. The studies are simply not looking for answers that serve humanity.

The peer pressure aspect of vaccination marketing ties in perfectly with the medical authority aspect. If you, heaven forbid, decide to question vaccination you have a whole raft of peers from friends, to teachers, to nurses, to doctors who will cite medical authority in convincing you to tow the line. Don’t forget that ‘my friend is a nurse and she says…’ yes but your friend the nurse has been indoctrinated by the medical system for years and has never genuinely researched both sides of the issue and formed and independent opinion.

As a critical thinker, if you reject vaccinations you are made to feel like a social terrorist who is defiantly endangering the lives of all humankind by creating a ticking time bomb of a child. ‘Do you want your child to be the one that spread the deadly virus through the whole school?’

Parents, consciously or unconsciously, feel that pressure, and they yield to it. These days in our ‘great Democracy’ you can’t access benefits or school itself without proof of vaccination. I’m sorry but that is not Democracy. That is a monopoly.

Babies are born perfect. Why then do we treat perfect newborn babies like last years new computers? ‘Ok we need to upgrade this evolutionary operating system with antivirus MMR 2.0 and Polio 3.1 and H1N1 and…oh no the system crashed! It must have been SIDS. Never mind the cause.

People have forgotten the art of feeling, knowing and intuition opting instead to submit to medical authority, and medicine is primarily a profit industry focused on disease.

Lucky children survive DESPITE vaccinations, not because of them.

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Central Banks – What You Should Know

by on December 28, 2010 under Banking

[singlepic id=39 w=280 h=210 float=right]Today Central Banks are so well established in all major western civilisations that we barely question them. I will show you why this is in their best interests, and not in yours.

What is money? Money is a mechanism that facilitates fair exchange of real goods and services in a society. As such, the mechanism of money belongs to all citizens in the society. The actual money itself will broadly be distributed according to who has added the most value to the society, but the mechanism is there for everybody and therefore belongs to everybody. Or does it?

Underlying all modern history there has been another war raging. You didn’t learn about it in school, or at university, and you sure won’t learn about it on TV. Several well known wars and high profile assassinations including that of US President John F. Kennedy have been motivated by it. This war has been over who has the right to issue a nations money supply. In the UK, Europe and the USA, financial war has been raging since the 18th century with the right to issue money moving between Kings and Governments (the representation of the people), and the privately controlled central banks.

Why all the fuss over the right to issue money? Well, it was best said by one of the central bankers themselves:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” – Mayer Anselm Rothchild

If you have the exclusive power to issue money for a nation, then you determine everything in that nation financially. You can create boom times and you can create depressions. You determine what the average house will be worth, and the average wage. You can expand the money supply and create a housing bubble, and you can contract the money supply, collapsing the markets.

Consider this analogy: The nation is a bath, the water in it the money supply, and there are fish in the bath representing the people of the nation. If there is plenty of water in the bath, the fish are happy. They can swim freely through the water, they can breed, they can live. If the plug is opened, the fish are squeezed to the bottom, they can no longer swim and if the tap is not turned on they will surely die. Central banks have their hand exclusively on the plug, and on the tap at the same time. The people and the government are fish in the water and are therefore at the mercy of the central banks.

I can hear you. “But the central bank is required to act in the best interest of the country!” you say. Wrong. The central banks are required to act in the best interest of their private shareholders. If that happens to be by making things run smoothly for a decade or two, then that is what they will do. “But the central banks are owned by the government, not private shareholders!” you say. Wrong. One of the marketed benefits of central banks is that they act independently of the government. If they were ‘owned’ by the government they could not act independently could they. Why would the government take out huge loans from itself and pay huge amounts of interest to itself? It wouldn’t, and it doesn’t.

If the government borrowed money from itself, there would be no interest to pay, and no concern over the national debt. So why are we concerned over the national debt? Because the central banks have private shareholders and the massive amounts of interest we pay as taxpayers goes to those shareholders, not back into the government. Like any bank, central banks are in the debt business. More debt = more revenue.

The alternative to central banks is for the government (the people) to issue its own debt free money – to permanently block up the plug and occasionally turn on the tap to make things comfortable for everyone. Imagine how much money would be available for health care and infrastructure if we were not paying billions per year in unnecessary interest. This would not result in inflation. Retire debt based money and replace it with debt free money 1 for 1. Zero inflation. Governments have successfully issued their own money throughout history and this is the answer to our economic woes today. Then we need to ensure our memory lasts for centuries and we never go back despite the instability the central bankers would attempt to cause.

Closing facts about our current system:

  • Physical money is only 4% of our money supply (minted). The rest is interest bearing bank credit.
  • Central banks are misleadingly named to create the illusion of having national reserves of money and being government controlled.*
  • Central banks create the credit for nations out of nothing. Nothing at all. 96% of money is keystrokes on a computer.
  • Financial instability is manufactured by central bank shareholders as justification for the existence of central banks.
  • National debt can never be extinguished because to do so would also extinguish the debt based money supply. The nation is therefore trapped in perpetual debt.
  • For the privilege of having a money supply to use as a fair exchange mechanism the people must pay interest to the central bank. (Our money supply is rented not owned)
  • Since the central bank has the power to issue money and control its availability they dictate our ability to pay the interest on the loans they issue!
  • Continual inflation is necessary to maintain the system therefore hyperinflation and/or instability are ultimately guaranteed. (Assured failure of stated aim)
  • Real resources are pillaged, real assets are sold, and real services (health and infrastructure) are reduced to fund these fabricated loans.
  • When a nation inevitably defaults on loans from its own central bank, the World [central] Bank steps in. Without action from us, the World Bank will eventually hold all nations to ransom. First Greece, now Ireland, where next?

Please do everything you can to learn the truth about central banks and encourage your government to take back the issuing power of money on behalf of us all.

Learn the history of money by watching this documentary: The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America.

Learn about debt based money: Money As Debt.

* Take a close look at the RBA logo above. Now focus your attention from the white 3 spoked image to the 3 black circular images in the negative space. What do you see? The true character of the RBA and all central banks. A wolf in sheeps clothing hidden in plain view.

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What is Fractional Reserve Banking?

by on December 15, 2010 under Banking

Fractional Reserve Banking [singlepic id=62 w=320 h=240 float=left]is the real reason why Australian banks make super profits. Through Fractional Reserve Banking the banking sector is legally allowed to expand the money supply and earn increasing interest as the the bubbles become bigger. Increased competition in banking will again lead to a lowering of lending standards in the pursuit of a bigger slice of the debt pie.

Fractional Reserve Banking is the mutation of a counterfeiting fraud started by goldsmiths way back in medieval England. Let me briefly tell you the story, it’s a fascinating one…

One medieval day a few wealthy folk came knocking on the goldsmiths door, asking if they could perhaps rent storage space in his vault to store their surplus gold coins. The goldsmith obliged, and soon earned a small side income from his vault rental business, but he wanted more. He learned that the paper receipts he had issued for depositors gold were actually trading in the marketplace as if they were real gold! After all, a claim upon gold is as good as gold itself, and pieces of paper are more convenient than heavy gold coins. This was the birth of paper money.

The goldsmith began issuing loans against his own gold in paper receipts rather than in real gold because that was becoming the new currency of choice. His interest income was the same as before however, because he was still lending against his own gold and that quantity had not really changed.

Big idea#1: “What if I begin lending against the gold that I am looking after for others? Hmm…” so the goldsmith created gold receipts, paper money, representing the amount of gold he was being paid to look after in his safe, and loaned that out at interest! So he was now earning a full income from money that was not even his! As he began to flaunt his new-found wealth, the depositors became suspicious that he was spending their gold. Of course he wasn’t, he was spending the interest earned from loaning out paper money against their gold. The physical gold was still intact in the vault. When he came clean with his depositors as to how he had increased his wealth, they demanded a share of the proceeds. So the goldsmiths income dropped from say 7% to 2% when he had to pay 5% to the depositors (for example), but this was still better than before because he was now legitimately earning 2% on other peoples money stored in his vault for safe keeping. This was the birth of banking.

Big idea #2: “So I see that people rarely come in to demand physical delivery of their gold… they place full trust in these receipts I write. Hmm… I bet I can create paper money for gold I don’t even have, and loan that out at interest! No suspicious depositors to pay, so I get the full income!” So the goldsmith began counterfeiting large sums of money, backed by nothing, and lending it out at interest. Needless to say, our friend the goldsmith became the wealthiest man in town. This was the birth of Fractional Reserve Banking.

As you can imagine, it was troublesome for the early banks when people demanded their physical gold back instead of paper receipts. There were far more receipts on issue than there was gold on deposit in the vault, so in a bank run, when everyone wanted their physical gold back, banks would frequently collapse, and many people would lose their gold. Over the years a few regulations have been added to make the system ‘safer’:

  • Central Banks were created to supposedly maintain reserves among other objectives;
  • Minimum reserve requirements were regulated.

Incidentally, Central Banks successfully lobbied us off the gold standard, so money is now backed by no unit of real value that would put a physical size limit on the money supply.

The dangerous aspect of Fractional Reserve Banking is the multiplication effect it has on the money supply, and the fact that this is all based on debt. In short, it facilitates asset bubbles and instability in the pursuit of super profits. Fractional Reserve Banking is the practice of lending out many times more money than is held on deposit.

Consider the following Fractional Reserve Banking example with parameters as follows:

  1. The minimum reserve ratio is 1:10 or 10%;
  2. An initial deposit of $100 is made at CBA;
  3. Maximum loans are issued at each step;
  4. The loan money is then deposited in another account (could be the same bank);
  5. The process continues.


[singlepic id=67 w=416 h=578 mode=watermark float=center]

As you can see the reserve ratio of 10% allows the $100 initial deposit to multiply the money supply towards $1000! So at this ratio the fractional reserve banking system has the capacity to multiply the money supply by 10 times! This is quite close to the average reserve ratio, or capital ratio, of Australian banks today.

The initial deposit of $100 (which is incidentally based on nothing) comes into the system from the Federal Reserve (Fed) as either cash or ‘reserve money’, sometimes called ‘high powered money’, as the monetary base, forming the base upon which a succession of loans and deposits will multiply the reserve money into ‘credit money’ totalling up to $900. The banks make their interest margin on this $900 of credit money so it is in their interest to expand the money supply in this way. Withdrawing cash from the system reduces the credit money supply by 10x the amount withdrawn. That is why banks don’t like us withdrawing large amounts of cash and ultimately would like to see cash abolished. It’s one way the people can still hurt them.

This credit money is what you and I use and think of broadly as ‘money’. Credit money is what we receive in our salary or from our customers, buy our houses with, deposit into our bank accounts, and use to pay interest on our loans.

You might be wondering: “Where does the money come from to pay the interest?” Good question. After all, interest is what keeps the whole system running: without the payment of interest the banks will call in the loans, and without the receipt of interest we would deposit our money under our mattresses, both actions destroying credit money and the entire system. Well guess what, the money to pay the interest comes from the creation of more credit money! Yes, inflation. Without inflation, the creation of new money, a hidden taxation making every existing dollar worth less, the whole system would collapse.

Let me show you how it works in this example using fairly standard numbers:

The banks charge 7% on loans and pay 5% on deposits. Inflation runs at 3%, the rate of expansion of the money supply.

So the money available to the population at any one time is:

5% + 3% = 8%

To pay an interest bill of 7%!

Therefore we have a 1% margin between our income and our costs. At all times our financial system is only ever 1% away from recession.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, our credit money system is a house of cards. This house of cards nature was evident in the GFC. As much as it pains me to say it, Kevin Rudd’s deposit guarantee was the smartest thing we could possibly do given the short time frame. That was all he needed to do. This move alone is what saved Australia in the GFC. There is plenty to say here and I might need to save it for another article.

There is another limit on the quantity of credit money other than the reserve ratio. This is the physical limit of the debt society can afford to service. This is the ‘sweet spot’ for which all banks aim. Maximum interest revenue with minimal defaults. If this limit is surpassed you have an imminent correction in the financial system. The introduction of strong competition into the banking sector will naturally lead down this path as small, less experienced lenders inevitably play the sub-prime balancing act in an attempt to grab a bigger slice of the overall credit money pie.

When you consider that reserve money created or destroyed by the Fed has up to a 10x effect on the size of our credit money system, and that the wholesale interest cost of money is directly set by adjusting the cash rate, you can begin to grasp the staggering power central banks like the Fed have. When you realise that central banks are owned by private shareholders, not elected governments, then you begin to realise we are not as ‘free’ or ‘lucky’ as the government would have you believe.

Quick Fact: The approximate composition of our money supply is:

Reserve Money = 10% (2% cash, 8% Fed money), and Credit Money = 90%.

If you would like to learn more about the history of money or our credit money system in an entertaining video format, take a look at Money As Debt.


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Help Your Kids Start a Micro Business

by on September 17, 2010 under Business, Education

[singlepic id=38 w=300 h=226 mode=watermark float=right]At school kids are repetitively taught: do what the teacher says and you will get a sticker or an ‘A’. This sets kids into what I call an ‘employee mindset’ which can make it difficult for them to self actualise their own lives later on. Creating a Micro Business teaches them to take charge of their own financial lives.

In the absence of other influences the institution of school creates individuals who are good for jobs and little else. “Do what the boss says and you will get a raise, promotion, or bonus”. The challenge with this scenario is that many people feel dis-empowered because they feel they have to superimpose their bosses’ values over their own. This is what creates fundamental dissatisfaction in many people in the workforce. Unless you see how your values align with those of the company or undertake self-education around starting your own business, your only options are to fall into line or change to another job. Hence why the average person today spends only 18 months in any one job.

The other challenge is that many of us give our children pocket money. That’s right, this is a problem! Which part is the problem you ask? The word GIVE. When you simply GIVE children money, you are rewarding them for whatever action they think they did that led to the reward. Often this will be simply asking or nagging. If you respond to these requests frequently then you are creating a credit junkie. Today credit card debt per capita in Australia is among the highest in the world at over $3000 per person.

How do we get money in the real world? Simple: In exchange for products or services. If you want to raise empowered children then you must instill this in them from an early age. Teach them to offer a product or service in exchange for money and you will empower them to take control of their own financial future. Here is what I mean:

Last Christmas I had the opportunity to babysit for my sister who has 3 lovely children. I noticed that the eldest, 10 yr old Jaslyn, was into Hama Beads. Uncle Chad saw a micro business and educational opportunity: “Hey Jaz, why don’t we buy some magnets to stick on the back of these creations you are making and you can sell them as fridge magnets!” She instantly saw dollar signs. Off we went into town and got the magnets. We returned home and she went into production for hours making the magnets you see in the picture above (notice how inspired and alive she looks).

For 9 months now the micro business stand has stood in my sisters’ Bowen therapy treatment room and Jaslyn has sold over 25 Hama Bead Magnets at $4 each. That’s some good pocket money! More importantly, what is she learning? She is learning how to make money and how to create and run a business. She is learning that to get money you have to create and deliver a product or provide a service. She is learning the value of money because she worked to earn it. She is learning that if she wants to she can create an income for herself from her own micro business.

I believe these are some of the most important things you can teach a child. I know as a parent these days you may feel you don’t have time to help your kids start a micro business. You don’t have to go to this extent right away. The first step could be as simple as setting dollar values for household chores and stopping the gravy train of free money. Any parent has time to do this in the interest of teaching their child about the elephant that school ignores: Money.

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Dr John Demartini – The Breakthrough Experience

by on September 13, 2010 under John Demartini

[singlepic id=58 w=240 h=320 mode=watermark float=left]I have personally been privileged to study under and work with Dr. John Demartini on many occasions. Having first seen John in ‘The Secret’ I quickly realised that he was coming from a far deeper understanding than any other teacher and enrolled in ‘The Breakthrough Experience’ in October 2007. I refer to my life since that point as A.D. (After Demartini) and i’m sure you will too.

It is the essential synthesis of John’s entire life’s work. The study of centuries of wisdom from over 29,000 texts and decades of experiential refinement have left him holding the most powerful transformational tool available today: The Demartini Method®. The Breakthrough Experience is the personal result of applying that tool to perceived challenges in your life.

John Demartini spends two life transforming days offering you the fundamental truth of life itself. Your prior illusions of life will be alleviated and your mind will be expanded to encompass greater spheres of awareness and greater time and space horizons. Once this happens your mind can never go back and so you will never be quite the same person again. You will live in a new, more highly evolved paradigm. I know you are ready for that responsibility.

You won’t learn the latest stock market or real estate get rich strategy from Dr. John Demartini. He is way beyond that. John will teach you to find the gold mine within your own being, leading to a life of true fulfillment. Only when you find that will you manifest outer wealth. You already have within you everything you need to achieve your dreams. Your dreams could not be without the corresponding ability to achieve them. That is the truth.

Fear, guilt, shame, grief, and regret are all false perceptions based on a false cultural control mechanism called religion. The truth is there is no universal judgment but what we ourselves impart. Such realisations are part of The Breakthrough Experience which will lift the veil of illusions from your life, allowing you to freely express your most authentic self.

You are in exactly the right place right now. The fact that you found this article is no mistake. Follow your intuition and experience life After Demartini.

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