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Mt. Wellington, Hobart 2010

This site is a place where I share my views and understanding of the world. Over the years since 2005 I have invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into the study of human behaviour, the universe, wealth creation and wealth management. In the course of this development I have learnt many things that I feel compelled to share.

I also offer products and services on this site (coming soon!). Everything I offer is delivered by or created by me and has either been developed in the coarse of my own journey for my own purposes or has been developed exclusively with the purpose of serving you.

About Chad Elliott

Born in 1980 I was raised in the Riverland region of South Australia on my families’ fruit orchard where I developed very much as a “free range kid”. I followed my sister by 12 years and my brother by 10 years. I had asthma and was allergic to many staple foods such as milk, wheat, and eggs. This turned out to be a great blessing for my family as we were forced to investigate and adopt holistic health practices. As is often the case the medical profession had no real answers, only masks. Thanks to the assistance of various holistic practitioners,  I was over asthma and my allergies by around the age of 12. Since then I have learnt that I had those allergies for a reason and I now minimise my consumption of dairy and wheat products.

Riding my Yamaha Pee Wee 50 aged 6.

Working in the family business, riding dirt bikes, climbing trees, making tree houses and playing with the dogs are all fond memories among countless others. As with the majority of farm kids I am broadly capable and was reliably driving and operating various machinery from the age of 10. I rode my first motorbike just before my 4th birthday.

My father was into motorbikes and this became a passion we shared. He made me a buggy he would tow behind his Yamaha XT250 which was the most amazing fun. I loved working with dad to help invent the next piece of machinery for the business and I still have my original design book. I was dads “right hand man” on the orchard. He always trusted me to do a good job and get it right.

My father died in 1998 of an antibiotic overdose administered in hospital during his 2 year battle with cancer. Another among the countless victims of ‘modern medicine’. The reality is that his life choices regarding chemical and sun exposure put him in the situation where the hospital finally killed him, so ultimately he is responsible, as are we all.

Although I didn’t always like school I did well at it both academically and in sports. Looking back now I see a pattern. The first year or two of both levels of school could be described as learning the ropes and testing the boundaries. In the last two years I dedicated myself and consistently out performed.

University was no different. I committed at the business end and performed when it mattered, graduating with honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Adelaide. University holidays were generally spent back in the Riverland. I enjoyed the social aspects of the city, but not the constriction. I went walking, climbing and slope soaring in the Adelaide Hills frequently.

Early in 2003 I was employed as a graduate engineer by Transfield Services at the Mobil Adelaide Oil Refinery. It was great to finally be back in the real world producing real outcomes and earning real money. My career with Transfield Services has taken me from Adelaide to Sydney, and now to Miami Florida, through oil refinery maintenance, business development, and road tunnel operations and maintenance.

To be continued…

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